TexasParentTaughtDriversEd.com Course – PT130


    I understand that this is a Parent Taught Driver Education course and agree that as the Parent or Legal Guardian, I am responsible for monitoring my student’s progress and teaching this course in its entirety. We and/or our affiliates are not responsible for the non-compliance, non-completion or misuse of this course and its content. We are allowing you access to our course materials, for a fee. This course is a downloadable PDF, approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. This course also includes 1 (one) DE964 Certificate of Completion for “ Learner License” and 1 (one) DE964 Certificate of Completion for “Driver License. The DE964 Certificates of Completion are issued via email. I understand and agree that once I purchase this course, there are NO REFUNDS because I will have already received course materials necessary for my student to study and legally test for a “Learner License" and “Driver License.”
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